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A logo has a critical function: it identifies the difference between you and your competitors, one that people remember. Think of it as a signature. Many people think of a logo as a brand but that’s not exactly true. A logo is the seedling that, carefully nurtured, could grow into a brand.

Your logo expresses your company, products and service values. A good logo needs to reflect that. It needs to be adaptable to a range of uses: as exhibition signage or on a business card; in a brochure or on a website. The way it is to be used dictates its technical specs. I can take care of it all.

Maybe, you already have a logo but it needs to adapt it for the web. Or update it because your company’s character has changed. Or you may want a brand new logo. Once again, as a designer/geek I can come up with bright ideas that inspire your market whilst meeting the technical demands of any medium. We are based in Wigan and service clients needs in Bolton, Manchester, Preston, St Helens and everywhere in between. Most important, you will always find our work affordable. I think Olympic prices are as daft as you do!

Your Branding is the aspect that will have the most impact on the client and will make the first and biggest impression. Graphic design is of paramount importance, which is why Juice implements highly creative, specialist logo and identity designers on every project.

We understand the value of visual identify and the impact that an innovative branding concept can have.

If you need your brand developing further, or require us to devise an original identification for your business, we can create a visual development for your target market suited to the demographic that will make a lasting impression.

Our organic creative process will develop ideas and produce an image perfect for your business. Juice will offer up to eight creative visions, dependant on budget, so you can choose the ideal visual to portray the right image. Look at our portfolio page to see examples of our work and call now to create your vision for the future.

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