I've been a Web Designer / Front-end Developer for years and coped very well without GIT. Since teaming up with Detective Inspector Michael of the Juice Coding Police I've been under pressure to adopt a modern workflow that involves GIT.

To be honest I never really saw the benefits of using Version Control. I thought it was downright un-necessary. Why would I need to keep multiple versions of a homepage build the one I'm currently working on its obviously the correct one! and If I really wanted keep multiple versions I could do so by simply saving a copy of the file to a new directory or giving it a different filename.

As we started to work on more and more projects we would often get into the situation where I'd completed the static build of the website. It would then be passed over to Michael to integrate into our CMS. The client would get in touch and want urgent changes to the front-end design. I would make these changes and pass them back over to Michael. The only problem was Michael would often have to make changes to the front-end to fix little issues that only became aparent when live data was pulled into the website. This lead to on more than one occasion the need to sit-down together and figure out what i'd changed manually line by line file by file.

This all came to a head when we recently started working on our own website. Again the same problems predictably arose and the solution was the same. Cue a frustrated developer who had to rollback changes he'd made to incorporate my latest changes. I decided it was now or never, I'd dragged my heals long enough and tentatively asked Michael to introduce me to the seemingly scary world of GIT. We spent a morning of our time on what will be from now on known as Juice Training Sessions going through the basics of GIT including misconceptions I had about version control, the process of committing, working with branches and remote servers to even fixing merge conflicts.

I'm really beginning to see the benefits of GIT it gives us both that assurance that we won't be wasting each others time trying to integrate the others code into our own. GIT also gives us the peace of mind that if something does go wrong on a live project we can track down the root cause the issue and fix issues quickly. Another added benefit our BitBucket account allows us to keep a copy of our important client projects hosted off site in case of a natural disaster in Wigan.

I'm looking forward to using my new found git skills on future projects mainly so I don't get told off again. I also cannot wait for the next Juice Training Session. I'm hosting the next one better get my thinking cap on for a good topic. Any ideas tweet me @juicewebdesign